Learn how you can get your smile makeover!

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Learn how you can have the smile of your dreams!

Do you hesitate to smile because you are self conscious of your teeth? Perhaps they are crooked or discolored? Or maybe you have large gaps between your teeth or have teeth that overlap? Maybe the length or shape of your teeth is not consistent?

Whatever the reason you are not satisfied with your smile—I have a 35-year history of working on the dental industry and can help take you from embarrassment, to giving you teeth that you won’t stop smiling about!

Here are a few elements that go into a smile makeover:

Alignment and spacing of the teeth
Getting braces or Invisalign type correction can fix teeth that are not spaced correctly. This means for those of you with teeth that have gaps, overlapping or are crooked, orthodontics can solve this issue. Sometimes retainers or other appliances are necessary to fix and overbite or an under bite as well, since this can be more of an issue with jaw alignment than actual teeth. Still—a very important element of a smile makeover is jaw alignment.

Do you have silver dental fillings that stick out like a sore thumb? Or maybe you are a coffee, tea or red wine drinker and have stained or discolored teeth. Using natural tooth-colored composites or coloring teeth can help restore you to a beautiful smile!

Do you have missing teeth or teeth that are cracked or chipped? I can fix those imperfections so that you have a smile to brag about.

Teeth length can be important too. Longer teeth are associated with a more youthful smile whereas a gummy smile can make teeth appear shorter. I can provide you with treatment that modifies your gum line to make your teeth appear longer. I can also ensure that your teeth all look proportionate to one another.

There is no part of you that gives a more important impression than your smile…this is something that is worth investing in! I keep up with the most current technology and techniques so that I’m able to offer the most current treatment therapies out there.

To learn how I can personalize your smile makeover, contact me today! My friendly staff would love to share information with you or schedule an appointment.


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