Early Intervention Orthodontics

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Early intervention orthodontics are very important!

When most people hear the word “orthodontics,” automatically the teenage population comes to mind. However, this population is not the only one that benefits from orthodontic treatment. Much younger children may also benefit from it. Early intervention orthodontics is a topic that I am passionate about. In my practice, I assess all of my young patients’ needs for orthodontics to improve the alignment of their teeth.

In considering orthodontics to straighten and realign teeth, it is important to keep in mind that there is an optimal time to start these procedures. Even by age seven, most children have lost some teeth and have had some adult molars grow in. These adult teeth establish the bite. By using this bite position, I am able to assess front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships for the entire mouth. This assessment will determine whether the child may be developing an overbite, open bite, or if he or she has teeth crowding issues.

There are a number of advantages to early intervention orthodontics. One of the benefits is that it can make room for uninterrupted teeth and reduce the need for tooth removal. Early orthodontics can also influence jaw growth and improve facial symmetry. It can lessen the time a child will need to wear braces.

I would be happy to assess your child for early intervention orthodontics to see if he or she would benefit from this type of treatment. My office is conveniently located in downtown Barrington.

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