Advanced Technology

For exceptional dental care in the Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Arlington Heights, Palatine and Barrington Hills communities, you need a general dentist like Gregory S. Tehle, DDS, who has all the latest dental technology.

DIAGNOdent® – Imagine being able to detect a cavity early enough so it can be filled without drilling or anesthetic! DIAGNOdent can do just that.

Digital X-rays – Digital radiographs use approximately 90% less radiation than conventional dental X-rays and can be viewed by the patient instantly on a flatscreen monitor mounted on the dental chair. This allows you to see what Dr. Tehle sees. The electronic enhancement of digital X-ray technology results in a more precise image.

Intraoral Camera – The ability to see an enlarged view of a restoration or tooth preparation has many advantages. For Dr. Tehle, it means more accurate diagnoses of a broken tooth or broken teeth, crooked teeth, replace missing teeth, broken fillings and a variety of other oral conditions. The intraoral camera also enables him and his hygienist to better educate patients about their teeth and gums.

Sapphire Laser – The latest diode laser technology for soft-tissue modification and preventive care. Dr. Tehle and his hygienists have received advanced certification in laser technology, so they can provide you with the most comfortable, most comprehensive gum periodontal disease treatment available and help you avoid gum periodontal disease. This painless procedure has made the “deep scaling” appointments so much more acceptable to the patient. We also use the laser for minor surgical procedures such as a gingivectomy (gum tissue reduction), frenectomy (muscle attachment reduction) or sculpting soft tissue to achieve a more balanced gum contour. Our patients appreciate the convenience of “in-office” treatment instead of referral to an outside specialist.

Toothprints – Beginning at 3 years of age, we recommend creating a dental toothprint for each child. This “souvenir” for our younger patients is actually a DNA sampling and part of the child safety Children’s Identification Program in Illinois. We are proud to participate in a program that could protect our youngest patients at a very critical time in their lives.

VELscope® – The VELscope is a direct tissue fluorescence visualization system used for oral examination. This noninvasive, painless technique assesses the cellular, structural and metabolic composition of tissue. The VELscope was FDA-approved in 2007 and has three functions – screening (early detection), surveillance and surgical guidance.

ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening – Have brighter, whiter teeth in less than an hour. It is safe, effective and very fast. The procedure is simple. The ZOOM!® teeth-whitening gel is applied then treated with the Zoom! light system. The light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth and eliminate stains and discoloration – while you relax and listen to music. Most patients achieve a six- to eight-shade teeth whitening from their original tooth color. Ask about our other teeth whitening options, as well.

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