Gregory S. Tehle, DDS, has been engaged in private dental practice for over 30 years. His extensive experience and credentials have made him one of the top dental professionals in the nation. He has always been focused on implementing the most up-to-date treatment therapies using the latest dental technology.Want to know more about Dr. Tehle? Here’s what his patients have to say about him:“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Tehle’s for many years. I came to him by way of many others who terrified, wounded, or just outright enraged me. The proof of the decision came back in 1999 when he counseled me to go and see my doctor based of what he was seeing in my mouth. It turned out that my blood sugar was really elevated and my Diabetes was out of control. It could have been a far worse problem than just the tooth Dr. Tehle was laboring over, although that was no picnic for either of us. Dr. Tehle and his staff have become valued partners in the management of my overall well-being. They are efficient in their practice and compassionate in their conduct. Kathy has solved many thorny problems for me and there isn’t a long enough pad of paper to write all the happy things I know about Donna!” 


“Our family has been going to Dr. Tehle and his staff for excellent dentistry for over 20 years now. We have enjoyed not only their friendliness, but their commitment to dental and oral health. Dr. Tehle and his Dental Hygienist Donna are knowledgeable and are highly regarded in this area. They continue to pursue the most advanced technology to provide the best possible care for each of their patients. They are experienced, compassionate and honest in the care they provide to both children and adults. We are confident that we are receiving the best quality care for our family and are fortunate to be patients of this practice.” 
-The Dattilo Family

“We have been patients of Dr. Tehle since 1981, at his first Practice. During all this time we consider that he has taken the most excellent care of all our dental needs. His continuing knowledge and use of the latest technology is a very significant element of the Practice, but most important is the extreme attention to every detail of every procedure and the exquisite care that Dr. Tehle always invests in our care. We particularly like the way in which he describes in detail what is about to occur as we feel this makes for our greater ease during the procedures. Equally pleasing is the quality of his staff. Donna and Rebecca are outstanding in both their technical abilities and the level of patient satisfaction they provide, while Kathy’s dedication to making everything run smoothly and in assisting patient arrangements is excellent. For the last 10 years we have spent most of the time living in Australia where we also have good dental coverage – but we come every year to Dr. Tehle and his staff for all major procedures because of the very high quality of care that we have always received.”
-Peter and Irene

“In need of a good dentist I asked a friend, who was working as a dental assistant through a temp service, if she could suggest one. With much enthusiasm and no hesitation, she recommended Dr. Tehle. She couldn’t have been more right! For the last 10 years, Dr. Tehle has been working with me through implants, new dentures and dental care. Simply put, he gave me a smile – something I never did much of in the last 25 years without covering my mouth. Now I proudly smile and laugh often. During the process Dr. Tehle asked for a picture of what my smile was before, and I could – perhaps the better word is would – not find one. Upon completion of the work my daughter found my high school graduation picture, and I brought it with me on my final visit. I was shocked by how he had created a near perfect match of what the picture was, at least for the mouth area…..LOL When my daughter’s mother-in-law had a problem while visiting from Florida we called Dr. Tehle, and he took the time to assist her. Other acquaintances have been referred to him by knowing the great work he has done for me. His staff has impressed me with their continual learning and educating themselves on new techniques. Donna is amazing with her dedication to the world of Dental Hygiene and her presentation to make it known to all – especially when she has a captive audience in the chair with mouth open. Rebecca is right there assisting the doctor, often a step ahead of him…true team work. It is also a joy to hear of her great running feats and the unique cakes she creates. Kathy is always on top of appointments and keeping the paper work running smoothly. I also wish the best to her and her son on his career choice. Lastly there’s Dr. Tehle and all he brings to his office to keep up with the latest and most sophisticated technology. His cancer screening is most advanced, and I am sure he has helped many patients get the care they needed who would have otherwise gone undetected until too late. He too is constantly learning and presenting his knowledge to both his patients and staff. And he’s an awesome father to two great sons. Dr. Tehle and his team make you feel at ease. They truly care about you as a person and your dental needs. I have been fortunate to have found him and his family (staff).
I just can’t say this enough…‘Thank you for my Smile!!!’”

“We moved to the Barrington area in 2005 from Colorado. We had heard from locals that Dr. Tehle was a wonderful dentist. My husband, being an engineer, was impressed that he had the latest and best dental technology. What we came to find out over the past several years is that yes, all this is true but in addition, Dr. Tehle and his staff are very caring and dedicated to their patients! I will never forget the Saturday I woke up with a strange throbbing toothache and had to call Dr. Tehle’s emergency number early that morning. I felt terrible having to call him in on a Saturday and was not even sure what/if anything might be wrong. I explained to him over the phone that this was not the type of pain I had before when I had a cavity. He was so nice about it, he said he should look at it and make sure it was not something serious. He met me at his office that morning. As it turned out, I had somehow managed to completely sheer off the backside of a tooth! Ouch! Thanks Dr. Tehle!!!”
-Kim and John

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